my goals

  • inner drummer
    Becoming able to count through a song (with an inner voice) and not becoming thrown off when playing wrong notes. Also digesting off-beats.
  • improvising and playing accompaniment on the piano
    being able to play a waltz or a 4 four on the floor pattern and improvising over it.
  • learning a song a week and rising a level
    starting to learn songs of intermediate in July (I just realised, that stairway to heaven is an intermediate (moderate!) song and I am working on it. But it is very hard … too hard. But I am stubborn … it is a good song for practicing counting fours.
  • learning to read bass clef
    almost forgot that I am not fluent in reading the bass. So I kind of learn the bass by heart and then don’t really read the notes again.


I just realised that I depend too much on the fingering numbers, so I just have to learn where to put my hands/fingers and then I read the numbers instead of the notes. (Especially in bass clef)


second goal

I want to learn one song a week. Besides becoming able to count through a song even when I play wrong notes (“inner Drummer”). I am still at the rookie level, but I hope, that in three months I will  become an intermediate player. I am not sure, if this is realistic, but I will strive for it.

Piano practice goals

Right now, I am back to basics, again. What I want to learn is to keep track of time with counting, aloud or silently. And being able to keep counting even if I am making a mistake, like playing the wrong note or rhythmically. I want the “inner drummer” to go on and the picture of the score to flow while my body is managing to skip the next notes and to catch up at a convenient time.


Jazz Waltz

I want to learn to play better in 3/4 (Waltz) meter and am trying to “construct” some inspiring beats with the help of Maschine. Seems difficult to me. I searched the web also, and found some useful stuff. For instance this beat:


I’ll keep you posted. And if you have some suggestions feel free to comment. Thanks.

Practice went well

Yesterday. The first practice after shipping my draft of the master thesis. Some pressure has gone. I am glad I did it and hadn’t been sure a few weeks ago.

I did a some video-recordings of me improvising and put one on instagram. A new experience. Sound quality wasn’t bad at all. I considered, recording video and audio separately, but no need with my iPhone. I will have to check with my Sony camera, though. I am not sure about that microphone. So I had fun, didn’t play the baritone sax, but all the same, I feel good about it. Another lazy day today, hoping to get back my energy.

Room for improvement

Finally finished the first raw final version, which will be revised by two teachers. They will give me feedback and I will have one more month to finish the final version, which will be rated and determine whether I will be allowed to call myself music therapist. So I got some time for myself right now, the biggest pressure is over. I started to prepare my presentation of the thesis, which allows me to put in more or less simple words, what I wanted to achieve with my paper. Tomorrow, I hope to get back some of my energies and to have a good practice session.


Switching between languages, coming back from france, master thesis and music, practice session on sunday, improvising for myself yesterday and today, and joy and frustration, all the time and pain it takes to finish the first draft of my thesis, makes me tired. What tires me most is the doubt. Will I make it on time? I need some pressure to operate, but right now, its hindering me, slowing me down. At least, our children are with the grand parents, so I don’t have to worry about them, and a great source of noise, also of joy, of course is not present. So after a short break, back to work!

Practicing went well today

I was kind of tired today. But still, I had a lot of fun playing my tenor and baritone sax and the flute today. My embouchure keeps coming on the flute, did some jamming to jamey aebersold’s blues play along. But now, my batteries are empty. I have to prepare for tomorrow, and tomorrow we have intervision again. Which is very interesting, but it is an hour missing afterwards. I should be leaving half an hour earlier, but usually, I don’t catch that train: 6.58 is too early for me. In the evening we will meet our son’s teacher to get some info. Not really eager for that